Science Labs

I found this article on early science labs the other day and wanted to share some of the images here. I loved looking at the equipment and design in their workspace.

edison's lab
Edison’s Menlo Park Lab, nearby in Dearborn, MI

Girton Laboratory
Girton College at Cambridge University, the first college to allow women undergrads.

Thomas Edison lab
A Thomas Edison Lab in New Jersey

Carlsberg Laboratory
Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen, Denmark

All images from io9



Dream Desks

With the holidays over, I’m back to selfishly building things for myself. In my last apartment, my desk was just a board in the wall and while it served me well, I think I’m ready to upgrade. I’ve picked out the wood and am ready to build, but for now, here are some of my desk inspirations.

reclaimed wood desk
Reclaimed wood desk from Sugar Scout

Drafting Table
Drafting table from Blood and Champagne

Antique Desk
Antique desk from Ducôté du Design

Wall-Mount Desk
Wall-mount desk from Digs Digs

Double Desk
Reclaimed wood desk for two from Urban Good Woods