A Year of Sunday Mornings: Week Thirty-Two


The best birthday present ever!



Planning for Wagakwud

We’ve begun planning our third year of Camp Wagakwud and we couldn’t be more excited to finally go camping again this summer.

log man
from A well traveled woman

from A well traveled woman

from Poler

from Adore the World


Over the Cold

Every March I instantly become ready for spring, even though I live in Michigan and I should know that it’s going to be another month or two before anything resembling “warm” happens.

Until then, I’ll just be daydreaming of the spring/summer.

Camping from likheter

Tennis from MOJOmercantile

canoe picnic
Canoeing from Canoe Bay

Bicycling from What Good Have I Done Today?


Summer Cycling

There’s a glorious perk of going to college in Chicago called a UPass. It’s a transit pass that is added on to your tuition for the semester and it saves students a ton on public transit. Since I graduated in June, I have been unable to accept having to pay for a monthly CTA pass, so I’ve bicycled everywhere.

I usually bike as my primary mode of transit in the spring, summer, and fall. This summer has been more serious. I can count the amount of times I’ve taken the train on one hand and no 100° day will force me onto the El.

My bike, Caroline, is a Raleigh Olympian. This morning I stumbled across some amazing vintage Raleigh ads. Clearly, riding a Raleigh makes me a pretty classy lady.

vintage raleigh ad of cyclists and a knight
from The Spokesman-Review

raleigh ad luxury cycling
from The Urbane Cyclist

1956 raleigh catalogue
from Hidden Garments

Vintage Raleigh Cycle Poster - Key
from Paul Fillingham


Summer Snackage

I have been newly obsessed with baking this summer. I am particularly focused on pies. I made this Strawberry Ginger Pie for the fourth of July and this Blueberry Ginger Pie with Parmesan Crust for a girlfriend’s barbecue.

blueberry ginger pie

I have also been making a lot of craft cocktails. Usually, I’d prefer a cold IPA to a cocktail, but it’s lovely to spend time with friends making simple syrups and muddling herbs. I recently made homemade lavender simple syrup (from the lavender in my own herb garden!) and used it in these Blueberry Lavender Mojitos.

lavender in a wood bowl

lavender syrup


That Summer Feeling

I know we’ve been neglecting to update the blog lately. It’s hard to stay inside on the computer in the summer time. In fact I’ve been completely consumed by summer fun. Pools, lakes, camping, grills, guitars, sigh.

Blond by the pool
from sugarpie honeybunch

Vintage camping photo
from Lisa Reeve

Dudes at the pool
from Andrea

empire bluffs
Empire Bluffs from What Good Have I Done Today?

camp site
Camp site from What Good Have I Done Today?