Science Labs

I found this article on early science labs the other day and wanted to share some of the images here. I loved looking at the equipment and design in their workspace.

edison's lab
Edison’s Menlo Park Lab, nearby in Dearborn, MI

Girton Laboratory
Girton College at Cambridge University, the first college to allow women undergrads.

Thomas Edison lab
A Thomas Edison Lab in New Jersey

Carlsberg Laboratory
Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen, Denmark

All images from io9



School Auction

A closed school in Southwest Detroit recently had an auction to get rid of its contents and I was able to go scour the school and find some really cool stuff. While it’s sad to have another school closing in the area, I can’t deny how fun it was to search an old, four-story school building full of treasures.

green steel box
One of my favorite finds were these steel, green drawers. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to use it yet, but I have plans to build a desk in the near future, and I’m sure this will become part of it.

You can tell the seats on these stools are in pretty bad shape, but I’m hoping to replace them with some nicer, salvaged wood.

glass jar and bird
The bird is from an antique store I went to with Mary (mentioned here), but now I found this cool science bottle to accompany it. No idea what’s actually inside of it.

I love all these books, but the “Let’s Explore the Great Lakes” one specifically has some amazing illustrations inside.

school map


My other favorite find was this school map. Unfortunately, this will have to go into storage until the day I finally have that dream home.

school map - rolled up


school map - bottom



New Year, New Products

It’s New Year’s Eve and we’ve just added some new items to our Etsy shop! I made these dino t-shirts as Christmas gifts for my nephews and Trevor’s niece, but I made sure to print a few extra for our shop. I also finally got around to putting our Matryoshka Dolls on Etsy. Yay!

baby dino science t-shirt
Baby Dino Science T-shirt in Brown

children's grey dino science t-shirt
Kid’s Dino Science T-shirt in Heather Grey

navy dino science t-shirt
Kid’s Dino Science T-shirt in Navy

matryoshka dolls
Matryoshka Plush Dolls

I don’t really participate in new year’s resolutions, but I do see the new year as a chance to reflect on my goals and personal growth. It’s been wonderful sharing my creative pursuits with you in 2011, and I hope for a creatively inspired 2012.

Have a safe and happy holiday,


The Attention of the Class

I’ve been seeing a lot of old educational charts repurposed as home decor lately. I’m a big fan of this look for an office or studio. Beyond looking awesome, there’s huge design inspiration potential in these charts as well. I feel a project coming on…

yellow flower educational chart
from Three Potato Four

Ttime zone educational chart
from twentytimesi

botany chart
from The Abandoned School

jellyfish chart
from Empirical Style Auction


Monday Photo Safari: School

It’s back-to-school time, so our photo theme for this week was “School.”

Old School
Trevor’s photo from Chicago, Illinois

School Books
Mary’s photo from Chicago, Illinois

Next week’s theme is “Your Shoes.” If you want your photo included, please send it to along with your name and the location of where it was taken.