Raised Garden Bed

Mary and I finished building a raised garden bed in our yard and planted some vegetable seeds. Some of them are just starting to sprout.

garden bed - before

garden bed - after


garden buds



A Yard For A Garden

Now that we have a little yard, Mary and I have been waiting for it to be nice enough to start a garden. Neither of us have much experience with it, but we’re excited to maybe try a few of these ideas in our little yard space.

pallet garden
Vertical Pallet Garden from Home DIT

pallet compost
Pallet Compost from Curbly

hanging planter
Hanging Planter from Gypsy River

raised flower bed
Raised Flower Bed from Garden Design


Weekend Project: Stamped Garden Markers

This holiday weekend I picked up a few plants for our back porch. I didn’t want to leave the plastic garden markers in the pots because they are quite an eyesore. However, I wanted to be able to identify which plant was which for watering purposes. I decided to make hand stamped garden markers out of popsicle sticks and the stamp we used to make our business cards.

I’m quite pleased with the results.

herb markers on wood background

vegetable markers on wood background

red pepper marker

banana pepper marker


Urban Gardening

Spring is just around the corner. I bought some oregano and rosemary plants at Whole Foods yesterday and repotted them this morning. Each year I start an herb garden and it’s never a great success, but I do hope one day to be able to grow some of my own food. I found a few neat DIY apartment gardening projects from around the web. You never know, maybe I’ll be so inspired that I become a master gardener. One can dream.

pallet garden
Pallet Garden Tutorial from Life on the Balcony

mason jar wall planter
Mason Jar Wall Planter from Not Just a Housewife

verticle vegetables
A shoe organizer upcycled into a vertical vegetable garden from Instructables

Maybe I just need to read up on my Backyard Skills. I love the clean, high graphic design of this DIY handbook from The Ecology Center.

backyard skills book

backyard skills table of contents


Monday Photo Safari: Something Green

We’re beginning a photo assignment where each week we’re going to choose a theme for a photo and display the different findings here. Our first week’s theme was “something green” and here are the results:

from Detroit, Michigan

from Tokyo, Japan

Glass plants
from St. Louis, Missouri

Next week, the theme is “French,” so if you take any French-themed photos, please submit them to whatgoodcrafts@gmail.com by Sunday, August 21 to have them posted on our blog!