Office Shelving

In our continued effort to get our tiny house situated, I finally completed the office shelving. We wanted something to go around the bar, and after going through many plans for the shelving, we finally decided on a combination of wood shelves and steel brackets to hold everything into place.

Since we’re renting, I didn’t want to invest in permanent shelving that we couldn’t reuse. By not building the entire thing out of wood, it’ll be much easier to take apart and reassemble.

I built the left side and right side separately and anchored each into the wall, with one metal bracket on each side touching the floor for added support. The trickiest part was putting in the top shelf for our large collection of game boards.

full shelving



Because two brackets prevented the top shelf from easily sliding into place, I had to carve out a notch to fit it in.

shelving notch




Home Inspiration

Now that we have internet in our new home and our stuff is (mostly) moved, it means we get to start the fun part of designing what we want each room to look like.

One of my main sources of inspiration has been Blood and Champagne. It’s been helpful to browse through pictures of great rooms to either launch a new idea or help flesh one out.

Here are a few of my recent favorites from the site.

Shelves + Chalkboard wall

Creepy Pictures + Musk Ox head

Library Book Carts

Card Catalogue and Exposed Brick

All images from Blood and Champagne


School Auction

A closed school in Southwest Detroit recently had an auction to get rid of its contents and I was able to go scour the school and find some really cool stuff. While it’s sad to have another school closing in the area, I can’t deny how fun it was to search an old, four-story school building full of treasures.

green steel box
One of my favorite finds were these steel, green drawers. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to use it yet, but I have plans to build a desk in the near future, and I’m sure this will become part of it.

You can tell the seats on these stools are in pretty bad shape, but I’m hoping to replace them with some nicer, salvaged wood.

glass jar and bird
The bird is from an antique store I went to with Mary (mentioned here), but now I found this cool science bottle to accompany it. No idea what’s actually inside of it.

I love all these books, but the “Let’s Explore the Great Lakes” one specifically has some amazing illustrations inside.

school map


My other favorite find was this school map. Unfortunately, this will have to go into storage until the day I finally have that dream home.

school map - rolled up


school map - bottom



The Green Garage

I’m probably late to the game, but I just found out about the Green Garage in Midtown in Detroit and was really impressed by the architectural design of the building. It’s a former Model-T factory turned office space and is owned by Tom and Peggy Brennan. I love everything from the chairs and tables they used to the rustic, wooden rafters adorning the ceiling. And the “green” in Green Garage is there for a reason as the building “used mostly reclaimed materials, generated just one-and-a-half Dumpsters’ worth of waste, and used passive means – a white roof, triple-glazed windows and extra-thick insulation – to cut the building’s energy demand by 90 percent.”

Here’s a few pictures of the Green Garage, or if you really want to nerd-out you can view a Powerpoint presentation of before and after pictures here.

green garage entrance

wall chair

corner desk

meeting room


break area

All pictures are from Curbed Detroit.


More Rulers – Hometown Style

I liked the way my Detroit rulers turned out well enough that I decided to make another set to represent my hometown of Ypsilanti, Michigan, along with the town’s slogan “Pride. Diversity. Heritage.” Also, it will make a good belated Mother’s Day gift.

Ypsilanti Ruler 1

Ypsilanti Ruler 2

If you’d like a ruler with your own hometown, feel free to request one as a custom order in our Etsy store!


Detroit Rulers

I completed my first project at Tech Shop this past weekend and I made these Detroit-themed rulers you can now find in our Etsy store. I was really happy with the way they turned out, and it’s only the beginning of many new projects to come!

ruler 1

ruler 2

We’re also starting to apply to some of the spring/summer Craft Faires, which means ramping up production along with it. I’m excited to get back into the swing of things after the post-holiday lull.