Office Shelving

In our continued effort to get our tiny house situated, I finally completed the office shelving. We wanted something to go around the bar, and after going through many plans for the shelving, we finally decided on a combination of wood shelves and steel brackets to hold everything into place.

Since we’re renting, I didn’t want to invest in permanent shelving that we couldn’t reuse. By not building the entire thing out of wood, it’ll be much easier to take apart and reassemble.

I built the left side and right side separately and anchored each into the wall, with one metal bracket on each side touching the floor for added support. The trickiest part was putting in the top shelf for our large collection of game boards.

full shelving



Because two brackets prevented the top shelf from easily sliding into place, I had to carve out a notch to fit it in.

shelving notch




Tiny House – Sneak Peek

While there’s still a fair amount of work to be done after a month in our Tiny House, it’s starting to feel like home. Everything’s moved. Our bedroom is done. Our living room is done. Kitchen needs some fine-tuning. Office is still a room of boxes.

We’ll have some better pictures once everything is finished, but with our one-month Tiny House anniversary occurring yesterday, I’d thought I’d post a little sneak peek of our new home.

glass bottles

stairway pictures




Lumbering in Ypsi

While at my parents’ this past weekend I found a 1959 catalogue for a Fingerle, Hollister, and Wood Lumber Co., an old lumber company that once existed on E. Michigan Ave. in my hometown of Ypsilanti, MI.

lumber co. cover

While the Fingerle Lumber Company still exists in Ann Arbor, the Fingerle, Hollister, and Wood joint store has been gone long enough that my Dad is the only family member who remembers it, having grown up in the area in the ’60’s.

I loved looking through the catalogue to see the ads, illustrations, design, tools, and lumber of the 1950’s.

man and woman tools furniture design


Porch Forts

As the weather gets warmer, I have been slowly working to make my back porch feel more like an extension of my apartment. I am going for a southwest bohemian theme. I want the finished area to be the perfect place to lounge with a book and a glass of iced tea.

I spent Monday night block printing my own chevron fabric. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but I think I’ve settled on making a fort. What could be better than passing your summer days in a whimsical blanket fort on your back porch?

I’ve rounded up some awesome forts made of blankets for inspiration.

backyard blanket fort
Backyard blanket fort via aphantomheart

candles and lights
Candles and Lights via Living Room Fort.

folding tent
Folding tent via Fort A Day

rodeo fort
Rodeo from Living Room Fort.