Office Shelving

In our continued effort to get our tiny house situated, I finally completed the office shelving. We wanted something to go around the bar, and after going through many plans for the shelving, we finally decided on a combination of wood shelves and steel brackets to hold everything into place.

Since we’re renting, I didn’t want to invest in permanent shelving that we couldn’t reuse. By not building the entire thing out of wood, it’ll be much easier to take apart and reassemble.

I built the left side and right side separately and anchored each into the wall, with one metal bracket on each side touching the floor for added support. The trickiest part was putting in the top shelf for our large collection of game boards.

full shelving



Because two brackets prevented the top shelf from easily sliding into place, I had to carve out a notch to fit it in.

shelving notch




Horsing Around

As you may know from Trevor’s post on the game┬áCareers, we collect old board games. While I was searching Etsy for Derby themed goodness yesterday, I came across tons of horse themed vintage games. We own a 1970s version of Gambler, which involves betting on horse races among other things, and Trevor is a regular Brett Maverick when it comes board game gambling. We may need to get our hands on one of these awesome horse-racing games.

kentucky derby racing game
Kentucky Derby Racing Game from It Is What It Was

vintage horse playing cards
Vintage horse playing cards from Pumpkin Truck

magic strip horse racing game
Magic strip horse racing game from The Lovely & the Strange

milton bradley horse race game
Milton Bradley Horse Race Game from Vintage Creekside


3DS Recovered

My brother, Logan Walters, has been working on a “3DS Recovered” project, where he’s redesigning every Nintendo 3DS game he acquires. Here’s a few of my favorites, and you can see all the ones he’s done so far on his blog.

from Logan Mills Walters

from Logan Mills Walters

from Logan Mills Walters

from Logan Mills Walters