A Year of Sunday Mornings: Week Thirty

sunday 30

It’s warm out side but snowing in my house. Narnia?



Planning for Wagakwud

We’ve begun planning our third year of Camp Wagakwud and we couldn’t be more excited to finally go camping again this summer.

log man
from A well traveled woman

from A well traveled woman

from Poler

from Adore the World


A Year of Sunday Mornings: Week Twenty-Nine

avocado toast

This has been a solitary and introspective and perfect few days. It was cold, and I felt nature was playing a cruel joke on us. I wanted to build my little garden and drink iced tea in the sun.

Instead, I had a placid indoor sort of weekend. I took long runs and longer baths. I lingered in the stacks of my favorite bookstore, thumbing through the yellowed pages of mycology texts, and leaving with the perfect 1950s Canadian mushroom text and a slew of other things.

I made toast on the stove and at it in bed with the biggest mug of coffee. And I’ll read more, and run more, and cook more today.

Sometimes, nothing is better than being utterly alone.


Birthday Bash

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend with a dinner Friday night, house warming/birthday party Saturday, and spent Sunday recovering and watching Space Jam.

Here’s a round-up of some of the top-notch gifts I received this year.

detroit decanter and glass set
Detroit Decanter and Glass set from City Bird

wes anderson poster
Wes Anderson poster

log carrier
Mary handmade me this log carrier. I can’t wait to go camping this summer.

Pine-scented Pillow


Frankenmuth: Lager Mill and Historical Museum

When we visited Frankenmuth last weekend, we of course knew about the Frankenmuth Brewery, Zehnder’s famous fried chicken, and the giant year-round Christmas store Bronner’s. What we hadn’t been to before though was the Lager Mill and the Frankenmuth Hisotrical Museum.

Lager Mill is not just a beer store, but also a brewing museum with lots of old milling equipment, info on the brewing history in Frankenmuth, and a huge German beer glass selection.

lager mill - grains

lager mill - signs

The Frankenmuth Historical Museum was another great find, especially considering the $2 admission to the brewing museum also included admission to the historical museum.

historical museum - axes

historical museum - cabin

historical museum - post office


Frankenmuth: Downtown

We usually try to take a small trip every winter, but between moving and Mary starting a new job, it just didn’t happen this year.

Now that we’re finally about settled, we took an early spring trip to Frankenmuth, America’s little Bavaria. Since Frankenmuth is only a little over an hour away and has multiple breweries, it seemed like the perfect weekend retreat.

We loaded up our bikes only to have a chilly, overcast weekend, but we still had a great time walking around downtown and enjoying the alpine architecture and scenery.

cheese haus

bavarian inn

lager mill

covered bridge