Roaming Through Michigan

A short tourism documentary from 1949 on Northern Michigan:



Detroit Bus Company

I had been hearing a lot about the Detroit Bus Company recently and happened to stumble across this video, which interviews its owner, Andy Didorosi. It’s a great story not just of the bus company, but of innovative start-ups in general happening in Detroit. It’s amazing to see what can happen from such a simple idea.

Urban Innovation Exchange: Andy Didorosi, Detroit Bus Company from DETROIT LIVES! on Vimeo.


The Detroit You’ve Never Met

Over the weekend, I stumbled across this video series of Detroit’s 1968 Olympic bid, titled “The Detroit You’ve Never Met”¬†on Curbed Detroit. From both a design and historical standpoint, I loved seeing the mock-ups and illustrations of infrastructures never to be built, with things like Olympic Village and a People Mover-like light rail to get people around the stadiums. I also thought it funny how, with the title “The Detroit You’ve Never Met,” it sounds like the way to market Detroit hasn’t changed since 1968.

the detroit you've never met

I posted the first of the three videos below, but be sure to check them all out for a trip back in time to what could have been.