A Year of Sunday Mornings: Week Thirty-Three

I was surprised to come home from Kentucky today to find our rose bush had bloomed.




Office Shelving

In our continued effort to get our tiny house situated, I finally completed the office shelving. We wanted something to go around the bar, and after going through many plans for the shelving, we finally decided on a combination of wood shelves and steel brackets to hold everything into place.

Since we’re renting, I didn’t want to invest in permanent shelving that we couldn’t reuse. By not building the entire thing out of wood, it’ll be much easier to take apart and reassemble.

I built the left side and right side separately and anchored each into the wall, with one metal bracket on each side touching the floor for added support. The trickiest part was putting in the top shelf for our large collection of game boards.

full shelving



Because two brackets prevented the top shelf from easily sliding into place, I had to carve out a notch to fit it in.

shelving notch



A Year of Sunday Mornings: Week Twenty-Nine

avocado toast

This has been a solitary and introspective and perfect few days. It was cold, and I felt nature was playing a cruel joke on us. I wanted to build my little garden and drink iced tea in the sun.

Instead, I had a placid indoor sort of weekend. I took long runs and longer baths. I lingered in the stacks of my favorite bookstore, thumbing through the yellowed pages of mycology texts, and leaving with the perfect 1950s Canadian mushroom text and a slew of other things.

I made toast on the stove and at it in bed with the biggest mug of coffee. And I’ll read more, and run more, and cook more today.

Sometimes, nothing is better than being utterly alone.