Science Labs

I found this article on early science labs the other day and wanted to share some of the images here. I loved looking at the equipment and design in their workspace.

edison's lab
Edison’s Menlo Park Lab, nearby in Dearborn, MI

Girton Laboratory
Girton College at Cambridge University, the first college to allow women undergrads.

Thomas Edison lab
A Thomas Edison Lab in New Jersey

Carlsberg Laboratory
Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen, Denmark

All images from io9



Planning for Wagakwud

We’ve begun planning our third year of Camp Wagakwud and we couldn’t be more excited to finally go camping again this summer.

log man
from A well traveled woman

from A well traveled woman

from Poler

from Adore the World


Kitchen Woes

As we continue to set up our Tiny House, one of the hardest things to figure out has been what to do with the kitchen. While I’ve seen much smaller kitchens, the biggest issue with it has been the lack of storage. With only a couple drawers below the sink and no cupboards otherwise, it’s left us to come up with some creative storage ideas.

Since we also needed a table, we decided a kitchen island that provided some storage, counter top space, and eating area would fit all of our needs. However, finding an existing island that actually did all of those things was easier said than done.

After browsing many that we liked, but didn’t quite meet all of our needs, I think we finally have a simple, but effective plan to build one. Until then, here are some of the islands we liked that helped us come to our final plan.

kitchen island wood and metal
from World Market

kitchen island and stools
from Messes of Men

Distressed Kitchen Island
from Hammer and Hand Imports

Rustic Wooden Kitchen Island
from Iron Works


A Yard For A Garden

Now that we have a little yard, Mary and I have been waiting for it to be nice enough to start a garden. Neither of us have much experience with it, but we’re excited to maybe try a few of these ideas in our little yard space.

pallet garden
Vertical Pallet Garden from Home DIT

pallet compost
Pallet Compost from Curbly

hanging planter
Hanging Planter from Gypsy River

raised flower bed
Raised Flower Bed from Garden Design


Over the Cold

Every March I instantly become ready for spring, even though I live in Michigan and I should know that it’s going to be another month or two before anything resembling “warm” happens.

Until then, I’ll just be daydreaming of the spring/summer.

Camping from likheter

Tennis from MOJOmercantile

canoe picnic
Canoeing from Canoe Bay

Bicycling from What Good Have I Done Today?


Lumbering in Ypsi

While at my parents’ this past weekend I found a 1959 catalogue for a Fingerle, Hollister, and Wood Lumber Co., an old lumber company that once existed on E. Michigan Ave. in my hometown of Ypsilanti, MI.

lumber co. cover

While the Fingerle Lumber Company still exists in Ann Arbor, the Fingerle, Hollister, and Wood joint store has been gone long enough that my Dad is the only family member who remembers it, having grown up in the area in the ’60’s.

I loved looking through the catalogue to see the ads, illustrations, design, tools, and lumber of the 1950’s.

man and woman tools furniture design


Dream Desks

With the holidays over, I’m back to selfishly building things for myself. In my last apartment, my desk was just a board in the wall and while it served me well, I think I’m ready to upgrade. I’ve picked out the wood and am ready to build, but for now, here are some of my desk inspirations.

reclaimed wood desk
Reclaimed wood desk from Sugar Scout

Drafting Table
Drafting table from Blood and Champagne

Antique Desk
Antique desk from Ducôté du Design

Wall-Mount Desk
Wall-mount desk from Digs Digs

Double Desk
Reclaimed wood desk for two from Urban Good Woods