Kitchen Woes

As we continue to set up our Tiny House, one of the hardest things to figure out has been what to do with the kitchen. While I’ve seen much smaller kitchens, the biggest issue with it has been the lack of storage. With only a couple drawers below the sink and no cupboards otherwise, it’s left us to come up with some creative storage ideas.

Since we also needed a table, we decided a kitchen island that provided some storage, counter top space, and eating area would fit all of our needs. However, finding an existing island that actually did all of those things was easier said than done.

After browsing many that we liked, but didn’t quite meet all of our needs, I think we finally have a simple, but effective plan to build one. Until then, here are some of the islands we liked that helped us come to our final plan.

kitchen island wood and metal
from World Market

kitchen island and stools
from Messes of Men

Distressed Kitchen Island
from Hammer and Hand Imports

Rustic Wooden Kitchen Island
from Iron Works



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