The Queen Of Cans And Jars

You know those things you always say you’re going to start doing and never get around to it. For me, canning falls into that category. I can never seem to make the initial investment in canning supplies and each year I say, “I’ll start canning next year.”

Well, 2013 is the year. I finally broke down and ordered some canning supplies and I can’t wait to preserve fruits and veggies all summer to enjoy during the colder months. I have started collecting recipes I want to try. I am really excited to try my own pickled vegetables, so my first roundup of recipes are for homemade pickles.

homemade dill pickles
Homemade Dill Pickles via A Sweet Pea Chef

taco pickles
Taco Pickles via Eva Kolenko Photography

pickled grapes
Pickled Grapes via Brooklyn Supper

quick sweet pickles
Quick Sweet Pickles via Honey & Jam



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