On the Move

Mary and I have been neglecting the blog recently due to a sudden move to Hamtramck. Being busy setting up our new home and not having internet yet has led to blog updates being a little harder to post than normal. Hopefully order will be restored within the next week and the internet with flow once again.

In the meantime, here’s an ode to our new home of Hamtramck.

Hamtramck Disneyland
Hamtramck Disneyland from Detroit Moxie

Polish Village Cafe
Polish Village Cafe from Yelp

Hamtramck in the 70’s from Detroit Memories

Kowalskis from Flickr

A post dedicated to Hamtramck is especially fitting today as it’s Paczki Day and Hamtramck is known for having the best Paczkis pretty much anywhere. I’ve learned that Paczki Day isn’t well known outside of the midwest, so if you don’t know what this wonderful and gluttenous holiday is, see here.

Paczkis from Hamtramck.us

Trevor Walters


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