Bridesmaid Cards

Since we’ve been engaged, I’ve shocked Trevor with my love of organizing and spreadsheets. We have so many shared spreadsheets on Google Docs. My favorite and one of the most useful is our wedding checklist. It has a list of everything we need to do from now until the wedding date, who is in charge of it, and what date it needs to be completed by.

The biggest thing was finding a venue, which we did quite quickly. The only thing we needed to complete this month was to choose and notify our wedding party. My friend had sent the cutest card asking me to be her bridesmaid, so I decided to do a card as well. I saw this awesome Will You Be My Bridesmaid? DIY and decided to do something similar.

I only had photobooth pictures with three of my four bridesmaids, so I needed to go a different route. I thought I’d make signs that said “Will you be my bridesmaid?” and hold them up in a photobooth. This proved to be harder than anticipated for two reasons:

1. I couldn’t figure out if photos are mirror images or not. I made the signs in regular writing an backwards writing just in case. This truly boggled my mind.

2. The bright flash of a photobooth combined with the bright white of a sign will make any writing on the sign disappear, as well as make your photo super washed out from the glare.

These problems were easy enough to solve. No, photos are not mirror images. Yes, I do have photoshop and can add text that way. Despite all of the unexpected obstacles, I was really happy with the results!
Will you be my bridesmaid?

Will you be my bridesmaid?

Will you be my maid of honor?



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