Rat Fest at the Corner Brewery

Mary and I had the privilege this past weekend of attending Rat Fest at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti, Michigan. It was an event that featured nine local brewing guilds, each making four different types of beer for everyone at the event to sample. That’s 36 beers we got to sample!

This year the brew clubs were The Ann Arbor Brewers Guild Hopheads, The Ann Arbor Brewers Guild Yeasters, CraftBeerinMi, Brighton Home Brew Club, Detroit Draft Divas, Motor City Mashers, Muskrat Mashers, The Sons of Liberty, and The Ugly Mug.

from Corner Brewery

We got to vote on several categories and Mary and I both agreed The Motor City Mashers had the best all around selection with their Salty Dog Grapefruit Gose, Peanut Butter Cup Stout, Winter Spice Ale, and Toasted Coconut Porter. Some of our other favorite brews were the Twice Baked Potato DIPA from the Sons of Liberty and the Bombs Away Stout from the Brighton Brew Club.

Sons of Liberty
One of our favorite logos from the Sons of Liberty Homebrew Club



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