A-Frame Dollhouse

We’ve had an unplanned absence over the last week as Mary’s move back to Michigan and the holidays have consumed most of our time.

Now that the holidays have passed, I can finally most about my main project over the last month or so, building an A-Frame dollhouse for my niece.

I used all recycled wood from The Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit and started with cutting out pieces for the frame. I also decided to hand-carve the roof shingles so it had a sort of sketched and rustic look to it.

frame exterior frame interior

For the interior, I left the downstairs the natural wood and just added a door frame and hung a small picture. For the upstairs, I glued some paper down for a faux-wallpaper. I also bought a little bunny family to go in the house.

finished interior finished upstairs interior

For the outside, I added a porch, door, some frames for the door and window, and some landscaping. I decided to make the porch and frames a forest green.

It’s still unfurnished, but her birthday is just around the corner in February.

finished exterior



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