Gingerbread Stout

I posted last spring about brewing and bottling my first batch of beer, an Oak-Aged I.P.A., and it came out great.

I’ve finally gotten around to giving it another go, but I may have gotten a little overly ambitious with a gingerbread stout recipe I found online. The brewing process seemed to go fine, but there were A LOT of ingredients, and while bottling, the siphon kept getting clogged up with the molasses and ginger. It only ended up filling five, 16-oz bottles, two fewer than last time.

Despite the struggles, I’m not ready to call it a failure, because if the beers I did make taste as good as I hope, it’ll all be worth it.  Even if they don’t, it was a good learning process and I’ll be ready for the next batch.

gingerbread stout



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