Tahquamenon Falls

One of our favorite places to visit in when we are in Paradise is the Tahquamenon Falls. They are probably best known from the Longfellow poem, The Song Of Hiawatha. The tannin from the forest trees give the falls a lovely amber ale color. Speaking of ale, there is also an awesome brew pub at the Upper Falls.

lower tahquamenon falls

We visited the lower falls and by the time we drove to the upper falls it was raining and the brew pub was closed for the season. I was disappointed and cold, but Trevor insisted on walking to the upper falls anyway. When we got there, he said he had a question to ask me. I was listening, but also taking a picture of this neat stump.


When I didn’t hear a question, I turned around and he had a ring. So… surprise… we’re engaged!

engagement ring

I wish I could write some romantic metaphor about water falls and falling in love, but I’m not TLC and I’d rather be honest than poetic. It’s fitting that I was wandering away to look at a stump and had no idea I was being proposed to. Afterwards we had a celebratory beer and burger at the Yukon Inn and played a ton of Pac Man.



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