This weekend, I finally had time to go to TechShop and work on my first welding project; a pair of table legs for my soon-to-be-completed end table.

First, I cut a couple of longer square metal tubes into six separate pieces. I took one piece and laid it horizontally, and then welded two pieces vertically on each end of the horizontal piece. These three pieces, now welded together into one U-shaped piece, made the legs for one side of the end table.

U-shaped Leg

I did the same thing again for the other side to make a U-shaped leg for each end of the end table. I also welded a thin piece of metal with pre-drilled holes on top of each of the four vertical pieces to make it easy to attach the wood to the top.

end table legs

I’m sure any welder could tell me how terrible my beads look (where I joined the pieces), but they’re holding together well and so overall I consider it a successful first welding project. I’ll be sure to post a picture of the finished product once I find a piece of wood I like.

tanks and helmets




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