School Auction

A closed school in Southwest Detroit recently had an auction to get rid of its contents and I was able to go scour the school and find some really cool stuff. While it’s sad to have another school closing in the area, I can’t deny how fun it was to search an old, four-story school building full of treasures.

green steel box
One of my favorite finds were these steel, green drawers. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to use it yet, but I have plans to build a desk in the near future, and I’m sure this will become part of it.

You can tell the seats on these stools are in pretty bad shape, but I’m hoping to replace them with some nicer, salvaged wood.

glass jar and bird
The bird is from an antique store I went to with Mary (mentioned here), but now I found this cool science bottle to accompany it. No idea what’s actually inside of it.

I love all these books, but the “Let’s Explore the Great Lakes” one specifically has some amazing illustrations inside.

school map


My other favorite find was this school map. Unfortunately, this will have to go into storage until the day I finally have that dream home.

school map - rolled up


school map - bottom




One thought on “School Auction

  1. Hail Mary and your holy finds! I’ve always found the best stuff and these school closing sales. I furnished my first apartment with a bunch of nifty finds from when they closed the old River Rogue High School.

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