Local Artist: ESP Detroit

I recently got a chance to visit a friend’s new screen printing shop in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit. Much has been written about the building at 2051 Rosa Parks, from its history and the house that lays in the middle of it, to the future of the building, most notably the development of Corktown Cinema.

We got to take a tour of the building, and though development has been slower than planned, there are still lots of great things happening there, including ESP Detroit. The idea for the building was to be sort of an urban mall, complete with creative spaces, retail stores, and restaurants.

2051 Rosa Parks
Former building sign

rosa parks building
One of the available spaces in the building.

ESP Detroit, though a new business in the city, has already done the screen printing for projects like the newly opened, Green Dot Stables, and the huge city bike race, Tour De Troit.

Tour De Troit shirt from ESP Detroit

I also got to take a look at the studio space itself and snapped a few pictures of their workspace.





Thanks again to ESP Detroit for letting me visit!



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