Northern California: Sutro Baths

We just returned from our vacation to Northern California, including stops in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Felton, and Santa Cruz. We went mostly for a friend’s wedding, but of course also did a lot of sight-seeing.

One of my favorite sights on the trip was the Sutro Bath Ruins. The Sutro Baths was a huge swimming pool complex built toward the end of the 19th century along the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco. The baths closed in the 1960’s and a fire destroyed the building soon after. The concrete foundation, some of the stairs, and a tunnel still remain and it’s an awesome sight to see along the gloomy Pacific Ocean, with raves crashing into the ruins.

Sutro Baths Interior
Sutro Baths interior from Wikipedia

Sutro Baths Exterior
Sutro Baths in the early 20th century from Cliff House Project

Sutro Bath Ruins 2
The Sutro Baths today

Sutro Bath Ruins 1

If you’re as intrigued by the Sutro Bath Ruins as I was, check out the video below for a documentary on its history.

by Juli Lopez



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