Bike Tour: Hamtramck and The East Side

I’ve begun going on longer bike trips through Detroit, and even though I’ve been living in the city for two years now, it’s amazing how different the city feels by bike. There are so many little areas I’ve never explored and little details that get missed by car.

Today I rode through New Center, then by the old Dodge Plant on the way to Hamtramck, across Gratiot through the east side of the city, eventually leading back to Downtown, and then home in Woodbridge.

Hamtramck is a great example of an area I don’t really feel like I explored until today. It’s not that I haven’t gone there many times before, but my visits had always been resigned to the two main streets where the shops and bars are. Today was the first time I felt like I really saw and could appreciate the city.

industrial plantsA view of some of the plants on Grand Blvd.

welcome to HamtramckWelcome to Hamtramck

hamtramck signObviously a very welcoming area

A small courtyard/park in Hamtramck

FarmA farm I stumbled upon on Mt. Elliott St.



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