A Year of Sunday Mornings

I love blogs where people post a photo or illustration every day. It’s an amazing way to encourage yourself to create. I wanted to add something along those lines to What good have I done today?, but when I sat down and thought about it I knew I couldn’t hold myself to posting every single day. So I made a compromise. I recently got promoted at work and have Sundays off for the first time in my adult life.

I’m going to do a year of Sunday morning photos.

Documenting these mornings will remind me how fulfilling and restful having time and space just for yourself is. Once, I’m adjusted to having weekends off I can look back and appreciate just how precious that time is.

Here are some photos that inspired this project.

~ Mornings ~
by Stanley Ambrose

Morning mist on Lightning Lake
from allison mcd

from Deirdre

morning light
from sarah patience elwell

See you Sunday,



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