Pallet Furniture

For some time now, I’ve planned on building a piece of furniture out of pallets, but switching apartments every year or two has made me apprehensive about building and then having to move more furniture, so I’ve been putting it off.

I had only imagined building a simple coffee table out of pallets, but after reading through this homedit article this morning, I’ve found a new excitement in all of my new options for pallet-furniture building. When I finally do build one, I’ll have to choose a single idea, but for now, here are a few of my favorites that are in the running.

A fairly simple, but nice looking dining room table. This would also be great for an outdoor patio.

I’d have to choose different cushions or at least do something different with them, because they seem too generic to go with the rustic pallets, but I like the general idea of a pallet couch.

This is similar to what I had originally imagined as far as a simple coffee table, but I like the addition of wheels and I think I prefer it as an outdoor table rather than a coffee table.

A perfect garden solution for the backyard-less.

A great little bed for a visiting niece or nephew.

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