Summer Cycling

There’s a glorious perk of going to college in Chicago called a UPass. It’s a transit pass that is added on to your tuition for the semester and it saves students a ton on public transit. Since I graduated in June, I have been unable to accept having to pay for a monthly CTA pass, so I’ve bicycled everywhere.

I usually bike as my primary mode of transit in the spring, summer, and fall. This summer has been more serious. I can count the amount of times I’ve taken the train on one hand and no 100° day will force me onto the El.

My bike, Caroline, is a Raleigh Olympian. This morning I stumbled across some amazing vintage Raleigh ads. Clearly, riding a Raleigh makes me a pretty classy lady.

vintage raleigh ad of cyclists and a knight
from The Spokesman-Review

raleigh ad luxury cycling
from The Urbane Cyclist

1956 raleigh catalogue
from Hidden Garments

Vintage Raleigh Cycle Poster - Key
from Paul Fillingham



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