The Green Garage

I’m probably late to the game, but I just found out about the Green Garage in Midtown in Detroit and was really impressed by the architectural design of the building. It’s a former Model-T factory turned office space and is owned by Tom and Peggy Brennan. I love everything from the chairs and tables they used to the rustic, wooden rafters adorning the ceiling. And the “green” in Green Garage is there for a reason as the building “used mostly reclaimed materials, generated just one-and-a-half Dumpsters’ worth of waste, and used passive means – a white roof, triple-glazed windows and extra-thick insulation – to cut the building’s energy demand by 90 percent.”

Here’s a few pictures of the Green Garage, or if you really want to nerd-out you can view a Powerpoint presentation of before and after pictures here.

green garage entrance

wall chair

corner desk

meeting room


break area

All pictures are from Curbed Detroit.



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