Home Brewing

I received a home brewing kit for Christmas this past year, and finally got around to making my first batch the other day, an Oak-Aged I.P.A. I’m already a bit nervous about how it’s going to turn out, but only time will tell I guess.


It seems a lot of kits make about 5-gallons, but the kit I used is a bit smaller and does just one. It may be less beer, but it made the whole process much more manageable for me and I could use just a regular pot for the wort.


It is now fermenting in my basement and in another five days, I’ll need to add the oak-aged chips. About two weeks after that, it’ll be ready for bottling, and then eventually drinking. I already found a place called Hopman’s in Waterford, MI that sells all sorts of brewing equipment and ingredients for my next batch.

fermenting beer



4 thoughts on “Home Brewing

  1. Looks good! My husband brews, too. I don’t remember where in Michigan you are but Adventures in Homebrewing, which is in Taylor and Ann Arbor, also has a great selection of equipment and ingredients. And the owner, Jason, is a really nice guy!

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