One thing I’m focusing on during my January cleanse is letting go of my attachment to material things. This is hard for me because I am sort of a compulsive collector by nature. I was thinking about ways to minimize the clutter in my home and found myself looking at my bookshelf.


I’m studying new media, so print books should be easy to give up right? Wrong. I have a serious case of bibliophilia. I am particularly fond of old books. I like the inscriptions in the front covers and the yellowing pages and the biting smell of mildew.

I can’t get rid of any of them. Maybe I could make something out of them. Although I don’t think I could ever bring myself to destroy one of my books. I love these upcycled ideas for books with pretty covers, but damaged interiors.

book lamp with edison bulb
Hardback Book Lamp from Typewriter Boneyard

repurposed book shelves
Book Shelves from Real Simple
{via Blue Velvet Chair}

vintage book iphone charging dock
IPhone Charging Dock from Rich Neely Designs

My problem remains unsolved but if it gets out of hand there’s always the bath.

book filled bathtub
Bathtub Bookshelf from Bookshelf Porn



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