Thanksgiving as a (Sort of) Adult

Mary came up with the idea for me to do a sort of counter-post to her last and write about new Thanksgiving traditions as an adult, but it occurred to me that my Thanksgivings since about age twenty have been anything but consistent. Having spent two years in San Francisco, two back in Michigan, one in Chicago, and now this will be my second back in Michigan again, it hasn’t allowed for a lot of tradition forming.

I’ve done everything from Thanksgiving with Mary’s family, to just me and her celebrating and eating way too much food on our own, to eating only a bowl of chili with my family. I even spent one year at a friend’s family’s Thanksgiving in Oakland, California, where his parents’ had a “turk-off,” meaning his mom and dad each made their own turkey in a semi-competitive format. His mom used the stove inside and his dad had the grill outside as they battled to see who could roast the best bird. I don’t remember who came out on top, but I do remember their home having a pretty excellent view of the bay and of San Francisco.

San Francisco Bay
from Wikimedia Commons

The only new Thanksgiving traditions that have taken form, have been me and my brother’s attempt to have Home Alone triumph over Miracle on 34th Street’s position as the regular post-meal Thanksgiving movie, and Mary’s excellent bourbon pecan pie.

Home Alone
from Bastion & Lark

Bourbon Pecan Pie
from Southern Kitchen



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