Animal Cards

The other day I received a letter from my friend, Dan, in Alaska along with these two cards:

beluga card

american bison card

They both have complete descriptions, the history of the animal, and a list that includes phylum, class, order, family, and characteristics. I especially enjoy the little symbols at the top of the cards. The middle one clearly indicates where the animal lives, (in this case the water of the plains), but I’m not sure what the others mean.

The letter explaining how he found the cards goes as follows:

“There’s a lot of junk here in Coldfoot – the whole eastern part of the camp is full of old machinery and vehicles and abandoned by miners and road construction crews. A lot of them have windows broken out and plants growing on them… There’s about 1,000 of these animal cards that I looked through one day. I thought you’d enjoy these two.”

I can only imagine how many other treasures lie in the abandoned part of the camp, but I’m really glad he saved and sent me these two gems with the best animals of all on them.



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