Film Cameras

I shot a music video for a friend over the weekend, and at some point was thinking about the way old film cameras looked. The switch over the last decade from video to digital obviously affected the industry in general quite a bit, but also did a lot to how cameras look aesthetically. Here are some neat-looking film cameras.

8mm Cosina from Wikipedia Commons

keystone olympia
8mm Keystone from agassiztrading

16mm Bolex from apug – the camera I used while in school

Sears 8mm
Packaging for a Sears 8mm from belugaparty



One thought on “Film Cameras

  1. I love old cameras! I have a keystone criterion camera sitting in my windowsill. Old cameras have a kind of style that feel classy. 80’s cameras felt boxy, cameras today…well they feel like the future.

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